Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Very Ordinary!

Why is the word 'ordinary' causing so much of a dissatisfaction?? insult??

A captain of the sports team ranking first in the world comments the team ranking last to be 'very ordinary'....And the next day you see the commentators and media reminding the cricket followers and others what a crime the captain of no 1 team has committed.....And when the ordinary team's performance is bit above their level then everone owes that performance for having got tagged as 'ordinary', that word has set ablaze the furnace and thus the spirited show...If the word ordinary is so insolent, then what purpose do the words 'bad', 'worst' serve???

Even at office it is not enough if you meet your expectations. If you are 100% to the mark, you are considered very ordinary....The definition of good performance is rewritten. The competition is between 150% and 200%....Peer pressure and all that...You don't think of making some meaningful contribution at the work...You are just programmed to think how your manager can remember your name amidst of all Siva's, Karthick's and Lakshmi's who work on an average 11hrs a day for that 150 and 200%. The word ordinary becomes Insolent.

Now why is that a crime to be an ordinary??? Why does that hurt one so much??? Should everyone be in that top cluster only?? If there is a 99 percentile, then obviously there ought to be some 60 and 70 percentile....Even there will be a 1 percentiler...And the beautiful thing in all that is only because of the overwhelming presence of the 60 or 70 percentilers can someone get that 99 percentile.....In other words to make some exceptionals there ought to be some ordinaries...SO do respect Ordinaries...

Does this analogy suck?? Let it be....It sounds brilliant for an ordinary, I bet :)

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