Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Please vote no matter what! is the latest campaign happening at my work place. Many are really geared up in asking their colleagues to vote through forward mails and messages....
I for one always complain on the politics. I strictly feel no one can change the way the politics is run here. Even the god will corrupt if he is a politician, is what i always think. Having seen the benefits and negative impact of corrupting in close quarters, i have a feeling that there is nothing one can achieve by casting their vote....

I dont want the X or the Y contesting in the election to win.....I dont worry for my right getting ceased...i also think that this is how many of us think....BUt why then there is such a campaign??? Why should i vote no matter what my difficulties are???? I was searching for some one to explain why should i vote????

I over heard my colleagues saying the votes that are not casted will be misused by the party workers..at least for that we should vote...But still i was not convinced with that logic as in many cases i might have voted for the same person who will be benefited if some other party worker gonna cast my vote illegally. So it is not going to make much of a difference....

Today morning when i was having a tea at a local tea shop, the tea shop boy was in argument with one of his friends about today's election. His friend said that he is going to vote, for which the tea shop boy said why the hell should we stand in the line in the sun and vote?? better sit under the fan in the shop..." in no moment his friend replied with an unparliamentary word in tamil that "you use the road that govt has laid, you use the current and water that govt provide, you stand in ration shop queue to get the groceries cheaply that govt give and u enjoy all that govt give but you wont vote if the govt asks you???.....you stand in sun for hours to get a ticket for Rajini movie but you dont for voting???? "....suddenly i felt that he was replying me....that bad word he uttered mattered to me....eventhough what he said can be debated on, i just walked out of the shop with my head low, saluting that friend's patriotism...i walked off with required answers and clear mind!!!!!


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