Thursday, March 15, 2012

Autumn of Murders - Sujatha

One of the best suspense thriller novel I read - Kolaiyudir kaalam(Tamil).

Genius at work - clever writing - one can suspect anything or anyone behind the murders - situations are conducive for suspects but not conclusive - full of unsolvable riddles - Laser light holography used in 1997 movie Jeans(Kannodu kanbadellam song)which made one feel awe on the scientific progress, is base of this story written in 1981- Anniyan fame Garuda puraanam is mentioned here - The story is not conclusive, readers are left to ponder on the ending - the reader can conclude the story thinking its super natural power behind the murders or its just man using some advanced technology and fooling others in the name of ghost - you have reasons to believe both, thats how effective the situations occur, Sujatha expects his readers to be creative and come with him, taking them to a different level - awesome, brilliant - After Kalki, its Sujatha for me,who I think would have written some best sellers and rocked the world with their writings, If done in English..

Hats off Sujatha.....